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PayPlus Mobile
Credit Card payment with iPhone or Android
Websites Payment Addons
Redirect for the electronic E-commerce systems
Recurring Payments
Israels top recurring credit card payment system
Integration to wordpress
IFRAME/Redirect integration
Integration to wordpress
Emv Compliance
Payment solutions with EMV compliance
Dedicated domain
Secure payment page with your domain
Payment with bit
From today its easier to pay with bit
Membership Cards multipass
From today its easier to pay with membership cards
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Send SMS directly from your payplus account
Hosting And Hotels oracle
Special integration of PayPlus to Oracle
Cashiers sap
Smart cashiers sap b1

What does it mean affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method where businesses allow other businesses and individuals external partners also called marketing affiliates
To target customers who are interested in the business product or service and, in return, the business will pay a commission for each registration, sale, purchase, etc.

There are two types of affiliate programs

The first type is the direct plan with the business

Employees work directly with the company they want to promote, and the company pays you commissions without deducting any network affiliate fees from the payment And, of course, it allows the company to provide a substantial reward to the partners alongside fast bank transfers – this is the plan we are working with.

The second type in under affiliate network

Its a program in which you can register for another affiliate network through a Market Place You can expect to see many businesses and promote each one individually based on the commission offered for each action taken within the business, In this type, the affiliate network deducts a commission from the affiliate marketers.

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Everyone can join the program

Website or blog owner? Software house? Freelancer? Website designer/builder? With PayPlus affiliate program you can earn money every month! Advertise and refer customer and start receiving fixed commissions every month for the monthly payments that our customer make to use!

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Quick and easy implementation

With the help of unique link you will receive when opening you PayPlus affiliate account, you would be able to start referring customers to register through our link, follow after your income daily and also receive commercial banners to download to your website.

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Get money to your bank account

Through our advanced payment system, theres no need to wait for payments anymore, and you can work without relying on emails! define the bank account you are interested to receive the commissions to, Initiate a commission withdrawal request and submit an original tax invoice, and receive the money within a few days into your bank account!

The affiliate reward programs of Pay Plus

There are several components that make our affiliate program the most profitable in Israel. Whether you are a software house, website designer, or any other business, your place is with us, thanks to Israels leading payment system and PayPlus array of services. PayPlus offers three main programs, allowing each affiliate to choose the one that suits them best and build an additional revenue stream for their business:


Reward based on business enrollment (CPA)

In this model, we reward you with a one-time commission for opening an account with PayPlus, ranging from 100 ILS to 195 ILS.


One-time reward for business enrollment (CPA Mark Up)

We set the account opening fees that your customers will pay, and the higher the account opening fees are compared to Pay Plus fees, the more you earn, Your account will receive the amount collected above PayPlus account opening fees


Fixed monthly reward (Revenue Share)

In this model, we offer you between 2% to 10% every month for the recurring payments of the referred business, This model allows you to generate a steady income for your business and enjoy a recurring revenue from PayPlus without a time limit! (For affiliates who refer more than 100 customers per month)

Who can join our affiliate program?

Whether youre bloggers, freelancers, website builders, software houses, or have a quality traffic source Or if you want to recommend PayPlus quality product lineup, you can both recommend and make money from it

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