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Payment Solutions
Israels leading payment solutions
PayPlus Mobile
Credit Card payment with iPhone or Android
Websites Payment Addons
Redirect for the electronic E-commerce systems
Recurring Payments
Israels top recurring credit card payment system
Integration to wordpress
IFRAME/Redirect integration
Emv Compliance
Payment solutions with EMV compliance
Dedicated domain
Secure payment page with your domain
Payment with bit
From today its easier to pay with bit
Membership Cards multipass
From today its easier to pay with membership cards
SMS Systems
Send SMS directly from your payplus account
Hosting And Hotels oracle
Special integration of PayPlus to Oracle
Cashiers sap
Smart cashiers sap b1

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custom made!

Customize your digital invoice.
You can choose from our variety of templates, add your logo, signature, and set the dominant colors for your documents
Setting automatic numbering
You can number each type of document easily and even continue a series that was interrupted due to an upgrade to PayPlus Invoice.
Send payment requests from the invoice interface and automatically generate an invoice
Receiving payments from suppliers has never been easier. Today, you can send a customized payment request to your customers, through which they can pay using a variety of payment solutions (Google Pay, Apple Pay, bit, credit card, etc.) The important thing is that they have various payment options available to them :)

One interface, a variety of solutions

Centralize your entire business under one advanced interface!

Connect to PayPlus leading interface and consolidate all your payment solutions under one interface. We offer a wide range of payment solutions and modules for leading e-commerce websites. Payment pages, payment requests, plugins for leading platforms, and seamless integration with the invoicing interface, enabling automatic invoice generation upon purchase.

payplus payment solutions

Easy to operate interface

Always be aware

Viewing advanced reports

View advanced reports, advance income tax, expense management, item management, export files to various systems such as SAP, Priority, Hashavshevet, etc...

Item management

Inventory item management and item variants. Through this interface, you can determine whether to update inventory for each transaction in the system

Expenses management

Expense management interface with Form 6111 classification and tax percentage setting for each document, ensuring an updated business financial status

Income tax returns

Through the advanced interface of Invoice Plus, you can set the percentage of income tax withholdings based on all the accounting data that has been entered into it or by issuing an invoice, Entering expenses or making purchases on websites that auto-generate invoices allows you to preview withholding percentages and VAT amounts.

Always be aware
pay attention

Customized plans for every business

Whether you have a small business or a large one, PayPlus has the perfect solution for you

digital signature
phone support
Designing documents
Generating reports and items
customer management
Accountant Permission
Automatic send reports and documents
Document quantity is renewed each month. The prices are exclusive of VAT, and there is no accumulation of documents from month to month.
The payment for credit card processing is separate from the payment for invoicing services.

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