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Payment Solutions
Israels leading payment solutions
PayPlus Mobile
Credit Card payment with iPhone or Android
Websites Payment Addons
Redirect for the electronic E-commerce systems
Recurring Payments
Israels top recurring credit card payment system
Integration to wordpress
IFRAME/Redirect integration
Integration to wordpress
Emv Compliance
Payment solutions with EMV compliance
Dedicated domain
Secure payment page with your domain
Payment with bit
From today its easier to pay with bit
Membership Cards multipass
From today its easier to pay with membership cards
SMS Systems
Send SMS directly from your payplus account
Hosting And Hotels oracle
Special integration of PayPlus to Oracle
Cashiers sap
Smart cashiers sap b1

Website payment addons

Additional payment gateways and redirection to popular and advanced e-commerce systems worldwide. Seamless adaptation for Israeli and international credit cards, compliant with credit card companies and PCI standards. The add-on frees website owners from security concerns and meets credit card companies and PCI standards. The add-on installation is exceptionally simple and user-friendly, requiring no prior knowledge. After a few simple steps, it will be possible to purchase on the website and make online credit card payments.


Ultimate solution for processing international and Israeli credit cards with a unique integration for Shopify From now on, no need to open an overseas company to accept international credit cards on your Shopify website. PayPlus is an authorized provider of Shopify, offering seamless integration with the platform.


PrestaShop is a popular and convenient system for managing a website. Everyone can download, install, and use it for free. Today, thousands of websites operate using PrestaShop, spanning various types from organizational websites, portals, and social sites to personal websites and small business websites. PayPlus offers a robust and intuitive plugin for processing Israeli and international credit cards while complying with PCI DSS standards.


Magento is a popular and user-friendly platform for managing websites and selling products. Using PayPlus advanced addon to Magento, you can integrate payment processing into your website and enjoy all the advantages of PayPlus while supporting additional payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, bit, etc...


Thanks to our unique integration with WiX, from today, you can process both Israeli and international credit cards and support additional payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, bit, and more... And choose to connect using two main methods, Native & Redirect, and of course, enjoy all the advantages and options that PayPlus provides.


WooCommerce is a tool that helps turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce store. PayPlus developed a REDIRECT/IFRAME payment gateway plugin that connects to the Bank of Israels clearing system and allows businesses to process credit card payments on WordPress websites using the strictest security standards of credit card companies. The result is a strong, Efficient and Intuitive addon.


Advanced payment solutions for the oldest and largest e-commerce platform in Israel, serving over 1,500 e-commerce websites. Technological sales tools, integration with dozens of ERP/CRM interfaces, everything you need to successfully manage a virtual branch. Managed service with a team of digital professionals by your side all the way.


WHMCS is a system for operating, managing accounts, users, and support for online businesses and digital commerce companies. The system manages all processes in the business, from registration to account management, and advanced management and support tools. The system is suitable for any business needing online billing services, especially for recurring charges like subscriptions or fixed-time services. PayPlus payment plugin complies with the strict PCI DSS Level 1 security standard, ensuring secure online credit card processing for your e-commerce business.


CashCow is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that offers a comprehensive set of advanced tools for building and maximizing online sales. PayPlus offers an advanced payment gateway plugin that enables credit card processing through a beautifully designed and responsive checkout page, optimized for mobile devices.


OpenCart is equipped with tens of thousands of modules and enables professional and advanced e-commerce store management. PayPlus payment plugin for OpenCart allows you to accept credit cards on your sales website and supports additional payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, bit, and more... In addition to that, enjoy advanced and diverse options offered by PayPlus for all our customers.

PayPlus's Advantages

Advanced report system

Advanced online reporting system that allows tracking of all transactions, generating reports, and performing actions like transaction cancellations/refunds.


Seamless and fast integration

PayPlus payment widget allows you to quickly and easily integrate a payment form into your website by simply copying and pasting two lines of code.


Custom design

You can customize the payment form in color and style to match your websites design, creating a seamless customer experience that boosts conversion rates

Android and iOS application To perform transactions for orders received by phone and not from the website.
PCI DSS Comply with the highest global regulations to protect data, ensure your security, and safeguard your finances.
5 10 90 7 10 50 100 6 9


Token protects users from hackers, security breaches, and other threats by substituting sensitive data like credit cards with tokens. This method allows the website owner to reuse the data entered by the customer in a previous transaction. The token serves as an advantage for fixed monthly charges, subscriptions, and a quick and easy purchase process.