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Payment Solutions
Israels leading payment solutions
PayPlus Mobile
Credit Card payment with iPhone or Android
Websites Payment Addons
Redirect for the electronic E-commerce systems
Recurring Payments
Israels top recurring credit card payment system
Integration to wordpress
IFRAME/Redirect integration
Integration to wordpress
Emv Compliance
Payment solutions with EMV compliance
Dedicated domain
Secure payment page with your domain
Payment with bit
From today its easier to pay with bit
Membership Cards multipass
From today its easier to pay with membership cards
SMS Systems
Send SMS directly from your payplus account
Hosting And Hotels oracle
Special integration of PayPlus to Oracle
Cashiers sap
Smart cashiers sap b1

Core features of PayPlus

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PayPlus provides credit card processing solutions and financial solutions for businesses. The company specializes in developing financial technology solutions with a strong emphasis on professionalism, security, and reliability towards its customers. PayPlus is a leading company in the payment processing industry, utilizing the most advanced technologies in the electronic payments market. The companys products undergo rigorous and comprehensive testing before reaching the customer to provide a highly professional and reliable solution. PayPlus employees have 18 years of expertise in payment solutions, serving leading banks and government organizations. PayPlus operates according to the strictest industry standards (PCI-DSS Level 1) to provide maximum protection for businesses and customers from credit card data exposure. In 2009, international credit card companies introduced the PCI DSS standard for securing credit card data, and global information security awareness has been growing ever since. PayPlus provides the worlds most advanced payment solutions, particularly in Israel. Some of the newest and most advanced technologies have been tested by our development teams, and we were the first in the world to implement them. In some cases, we remain the only ones.

Our advanced credit solutions

Credit card processing

PayPlus offers a variety of technological solutions for credit card processing to its customers, both in businesses and online.You can integrate the credit card processing into advanced CRM systems, e-commerce websites, or simply use it for in-person credit card transactions with customers (including EMV compliance)

Online invoice generation

PayPlus enables e-commerce websites and businesses to automatically generate invoices and receipts immediately upon completing the credit card processing, along with transaction approval.And youll save valuable time, reduce paperwork, and minimize typing errors.

Advanced report system

PayPlus provides its customers with a highly secure online reporting system, complying with the strict standards of credit card companies (PCI DSS).The system allows tracking of transactions and advanced report generation.

Credit card recurring payments

PayPlus has developed an interface that enables any business or software to integrate the option of recurring credit card payments as part of its services.The recurring credit card payment system complies with the stringent security standards of credit card companies.

Virtual safe

Virtual safe for storing and encrypting online credit cards.PayPluss virtual safe serves as a tokenization solution for future payments.

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